The Company of Wolves 



The Company of Wolves was a show devised and performed by: Helen Raynham, Carly Bradley and Lianne Weeks.   It was inspired by the Angela Carter tale of the same title.  The show made use of Physical Theatre, shadow projection and song.  We focused on the folklore aspects of the tale and in particular on women and the notion of old wives' tales.  White, red and black created the colour theme for the production.  White focused on the elements of purity and literally symbolised the winter.  Red was symbolic of little red and her adolescent curiosity in the huntsman/wolf.  Black was used for the wolves themselves - we could create their physical likeness with the use of our bodies and shadows.  Physical theatre was used to create the idea of the wolves leading red astray and far from the woodland path.


This show was performed at the University of Worcester in May 2013.