The List

June 17, 2015

In my early research for the show I spoke to different women in their 20s about what they thought the ‘rules’ and observations to being a respectable modern women were.  we came up with:

1)   A woman should not be too forward and easy with her favours

2)   A woman Should have interesting and appropriate pursuits/hobbies

3)   A woman Should take care of her appearance

4)   A woman shouldn’t be involved in scandal or gossip

5)   A woman shouldn’t kiss until the 3rd date rule.

6)   A woman shouldn’t talk about her period

7)   A woman shouldn’t swear 

8)   A woman shouldn’t talk openly about her sex life

10) A woman shouldn’t pander to men

11) A woman should be able to provide for herself

12) A woman should have her own views and opinions

13) A woman should know how to cook/ be domestic

14) A woman is supposed to be nurturing

15) A woman is supposed to be sensitive and emotional

16) A woman is hardly ever the CEO of a buisness

17) A woman is supposed to have no body hair

18) A woman must never be publically intoxicated. 

19) A woman is expected to be a full-time mum and full-time worker 

20) Woman are still not majorly involved in high ranking politics – anyone that is considered a non-woman (iron lady)

22) When a man is aggressive in the meeting room hes know as powerful.  If a woman is she’s known as a bitch. 

23) Still get labels, especially in the media - a wife of, sister of, daughter of. 

24) Don’t make as much money as men.

25) Idea of getting married by a certain age to avoid being ‘left on the shelf’

26) Woman supposed to use their words not their fists.

27)  Supposed to be feminine   




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